Black Clover

I’ve been watching Black Clover since my first year in college and it is still on going. Black Clover is about a world of magic, where people but not everyone have magic of an element or a specific power.  Then at a certain age they go to a trial where a spell book chooses its owners. Then by becoming strong they show their ability to Captains in hopes in getting into a squad and become a magic knight. The squads are the Golden Dawn, Silver Eagles, Blue Rose, Crimson Lion, Black Bulls, Green  Mantis, Coral Peacock, Purple Orcs, and Azure Deer.

In the current season the protagonist Asta, who doesn’t have magic like everyone else is able to draw out a anti sword out of his spell book giving him the ability to nullify most magic with a swing.

In this season a clan of elves who are more blessed in magic seek revenge when their entire clan was wipe out due to power long ago. However, one survivor lived, where they were reincarnated or say sharing a body with the Captain of the Golden Squad. This elf then went forward with his plan in taking revenge where it brought chaos, that all squads of the magic knights who weren’t “effected” to save the clover kingdom. This anime is good in my opinion but in the beginning it did took a getting use to the voice over of the protagonist (mostly yelling) ,  but its gets better later on.


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