Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is another anime that I’m currently watching and I would say it’s one of my favorites so far. It’s about the world mysteriously turning into stone with the exception of animals. However, humans and sparrows were affected by a beam of light turning everyone into stone. And leaving the question to why it happened.

The protagonist Senku who is intellectual gifted awakens from his slumber of being a stone thousands years later.  And now its ups to him to bring back human kind once again. However, in order for him to do that he has to rebuilt/create all of human kind achievements from the stone age to the present.

Senku eventual finds a cure to unpetrified humans from being a stone, but he was left to revive a person (Tsukasa Shishio) due to a situational event. Tsukasa exceed physical strength and he’s perfect for this new world, but he had a different view from Senku’s of reviving everyone. This then led them both in a war against Science, to having only worthy human in rebuilding society from scratch.


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