CT101 Reflection Post

It’s toward the end of the semester and I would say that this class was a blast. I have never taken a class that wasn’t heavy work loaded. However, that’s also due to our great professor instructions and guidance to each assignment. All you had to do was just show up and listen, and let our creativity do the work.









From the beginning, I’ve taken this class out of curiosity and I’m happy that I did, because I learned so many things. For instance, to making GIF’s, making our own website, and to using Photoshop in our assignments. From all that we learned, and I would say that making GIF’s and using Photoshop is my favorite.

I also always wondered how people created funny memes and GIF’s to the many social media platforms there is. And now I know how. Acquiring this new skill, I wish to use this in my everyday life to show my day and to have a laugh.







From the assignments we have done, I would say that the zine project was my favorite. While completing the assignment I really had to tap into my creativity and create a form of art. I had fun creating one of my example below. It certainly took a while to create, but like most of our work creativity takes time.

You can see my other zine artwork here.

In term of using my website, I’m not entirely sure if I will maintain it. But learning how a website is run, I’m sure that I’ll come back to it in case I want to advertise or even start a business one day.







And lastly a deserved grade. I feel that I deserve an A but mostly leaning to an A+ 😊.  I believe I have completed all work and have always came to class, to the point when I noticed I was the first person in class. But beside that like everyone else, I have put good effort in meeting the class learning standards.

The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project

This small project I used a picture, that I use in Facebook. With the given apps options I used the Glitch Studio app. Within this app you are actually limited to to cool amazing affects, but I have used what were offered. For instance, I used the distortion effect and I used the filter dystopia, leading to my result below.

Another attempt using Photoshop for fun. I changed the hue/saturation and used the pointilize filter.

DS106 Assignment completion


The Chimeratic Composition project under the Visual Assignment Category was fun to do. The three picture that I used is a grass field that I set as the background. My second picture that I chose is a lion and lastly my third picture is the grumpy cat (rest in peace).

In order to complete this assignment I set a background. I got my background from pixabay, known for having really beautiful and high resolution photos. Then I chose elements that I would like to incorporate, in which I chose a lion and the grumpy cat.

Then lastly all that I had to do was to crop the desire portion of the photo and pasting it in the layer of the background. And I had to use the wand icon in removing unwanted portion to fit with the background.

Pictures used

AUSTIN, TX – MARCH 07: “Grumpy Cat” poses during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival on March 7, 2014 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW)



The Turn a GIF into a FIG assignment was quite easy.  I found a website that automatically turns a GIF backwards called ezgif.com/reverse . The website gives you options to also alter the GIF. For instance, in the dog flipping over a ball I cut certain time frames that gets to the flipping part backwards.


Original                                                                      Reversed







Zine Project

The zine project is a fun and yet creative project in which each individual, must represent how we view technology. For instance, we have to interpret and display the following quote “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.”

This is my  first attempt of the Zine project and this is how I view technology. I view technology being the advancement of what the world being what it is now known today.

This is my second attempt. It incorporates how technology is an important aspect in many things. From the beginning of technology, technology is a never ending process. In which, technology would always advance and would also advance our world.

In my third attempt I went with the futuristic look. I view technology being a technical and digital concept.

GIF the Portrait Project

For this project the process was quite simple, first we needed to search a decent size portrait of chose.

I chose Keenan Reeves an amazing good actor and I also used an anime character as my experiment test subject.

Once we have a portrait of choice we simply open it through Photoshop.

From there we had to save the picture and change the hue saturation of choice and hover to the filter tab above and onto filter gallery.

Here is where the fun begins, in filter gallery we have the choices of changing or adding effects to our portraits. And in continuing we use different frames for each different effect we want.

Then lastly we gather the frames and upload it to gihpy and edit slideshow duration and use the filter offered in the site.

Down below are my two examples of Keenan Reeves  and an anime character.






















DS106 Projects

In this assignment we are to choose at least two projects under The DS106 Assignment Repository. In the following link it provides many project ideas within different subject categories.  From  The DS106 Assignment Repository, I decided to chose the Chimeratic Composition under visual assignment category. From the description below photo shops skills would be needed in order to place three different pictures into one.


For my second project idea I decided to chose Turn a GIF into a FIG, under the Animated GIF assignment category. In this assignment your basically creating a GIF that runs backwards. In completing this assignment I’m sure using photo shop or even other programs could easily complete this assignment.