Towards the End of the Semester

It’s almost the end of the semester and in behalf of all student, I’m sure we just want to finish and enter the break.

But before that, we sadly have to face finals. I’ve actually done one final (health) already and it wasn’t bad at all. However, I can’t speak for one of my class (computer science) , for which I sometime struggle with the coding part of an exam.

But staying positive is always the attitude. And a general word of advice, if you get stuck at a question, just move on and come back to it. Because if your like me I tend to worry/stress and causing myself to completely blank out and forgot what I studied.

Have faith and…

Fish keeping

I have a fond for fish and it’s a hobby.  I love having fish, because just seeing them swim elegantly seems relaxing  that I can watch them for hours. I personally have tropical fresh water fish called Angel fish, Discus fish, and Tetras.

Keeping Discus fish is a bit of work due to them having specific needs, such as water parameters and temperature. But I say its worth it because they’re nice to have. Another thing, discus fish are quite expensive , but I buy them medium size to small where they less expensive.

I would say all the fish I have in my tank are worth around $200, due to different breeds.

I also have Koi fish and goldfish as well. They getting a bit big, would have to relocate them to a bigger tank.

I was also lucky enough to experience fish breeding (it just happened). Particularly the angelfish paired up and had eggs on a aquatic plant leaf. I think I had 30 baby angelfish or even more, had too many that I had to give them away. I kept one and its the third generation of the Angel fish I’ve had.


Holidays be like…

Its the time of the year where, everyone is looking forward to. To eating food , to spending cold weather indoors, and sadly spending money.

Another part that  I know for sure that most people look forward to is Black Friday. It’s also the perfect opportunity to buy gifts for Christmas. My experience of Black Friday was just spending so much money on others, that in the end I hardly bought things for myself.

During Black Friday I went to the mall with my mom and we spent about 6 hours, there were also a line just to get into the store. It was ridiculous and crowded.

And another element that this time of year brings is the cold weather. Majority of time I just want to be home and laying down on my bed.

And lastly Christmas.

Relatable GIF

This is me every time. I always have trouble sleeping and it’s my own fault, due to years of ruining my sleeping schedule. But then again I just might have insomnia, who know’s?

This is another that we all can relate. Especially with our phones, when trying to reach the charger before phone totally dies and shut downs.