CT101 Reflection Post

It’s toward the end of the semester and I would say that this class was a blast. I have never taken a class that wasn’t heavy work loaded. However, that’s also due to our great professor instructions and guidance to each assignment. All you had to do was just show up and listen, and let our creativity do the work.









From the beginning, I’ve taken this class out of curiosity and I’m happy that I did, because I learned so many things. For instance, to making GIF’s, making our own website, and to using Photoshop in our assignments. From all that we learned, and I would say that making GIF’s and using Photoshop is my favorite.

I also always wondered how people created funny memes and GIF’s to the many social media platforms there is. And now I know how. Acquiring this new skill, I wish to use this in my everyday life to show my day and to have a laugh.







From the assignments we have done, I would say that the zine project was my favorite. While completing the assignment I really had to tap into my creativity and create a form of art. I had fun creating one of my example below. It certainly took a while to create, but like most of our work creativity takes time.

You can see my other zine artwork here.

In term of using my website, I’m not entirely sure if I will maintain it. But learning how a website is run, I’m sure that I’ll come back to it in case I want to advertise or even start a business one day.







And lastly a deserved grade. I feel that I deserve an A but mostly leaning to an A+ 😊.  I believe I have completed all work and have always came to class, to the point when I noticed I was the first person in class. But beside that like everyone else, I have put good effort in meeting the class learning standards.

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  1. Great work this semester, Ariel! Indeed you have earned an A and I am grateful for the well crafted work that you have produced! Thank you for the dedication to the class material and making improvements each week. Your site is a great tangible example of your outcomes.
    Thank you! Have a great winter break!

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