Fish keeping

I have a fond for fish and it’s a hobby.  I love having fish, because just seeing them swim elegantly seems relaxing  that I can watch them for hours. I personally have tropical fresh water fish called Angel fish, Discus fish, and Tetras.

Keeping Discus fish is a bit of work due to them having specific needs, such as water parameters and temperature. But I say its worth it because they’re nice to have. Another thing, discus fish are quite expensive , but I buy them medium size to small where they less expensive.

I would say all the fish I have in my tank are worth around $200, due to different breeds.

I also have Koi fish and goldfish as well. They getting a bit big, would have to relocate them to a bigger tank.

I was also lucky enough to experience fish breeding (it just happened). Particularly the angelfish paired up and had eggs on a aquatic plant leaf. I think I had 30 baby angelfish or even more, had too many that I had to give them away. I kept one and its the third generation of the Angel fish I’ve had.


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